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name game

The name “McBride” is the English spelling for “Mac Giolla Bríghde” meaning son of the followers of St. Brigid.

Edward is an English given name. It means “rich guard.”[1] Short forms include Ed, Eddy, Eddie, Ted, Teddy, Teddie, Ned, Neddie, Neddy, and Ward.

Pretty cool.

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Its weird, i say weird!

I see your swartz is as big as mine

I cannot get up when my alarm goes off for the live of me. I seem to get up at the same time each day. 12:14pm. Its weird. This morning, Crystal says at one point she woke up with my teddy bear. She stole my bear! She’s a bear napper. My poor teddy bear all scared, and alone. Heh.

Its nice and sunny out there. But my Weatherbug says its supposed to rain this afternoon. I hope not as we are getting the car washed today.