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I originally posted this to Frankie’s site as I was a guest blogger there. I was the first one, and quite possibly the best one imo.

So for shits and giggles I present this master piece of cinema. Just about a week after its debut. I hope you enjoy it. And I think there is no Back to the Future references in it at all!

In WoW related things, I am totally loving the new guild. In eight days I have collected 4 epic pieces and raised my defense but something like 12 points. And I have run Karazhan twice. TWICE! I was talking with an old guildie from MoD, and they were trying to get a group together for Kara. I was asked twice if I wanted to go. But since my guild runs Kara 4 times (4 TIMES!) on Tuesday’s I couldn’t go. Then I got a little pissed off. Why couldn’t the guild do this while I was still a member? I would set up a Kara run 3 weeks (3 WEEKS!) in advance and there would be 2 people signed up for it. And that would be me and Crystal. Course as I logged out, they were still sitting in dead wind pass, I assume trying to PUG the rest of the group. (from what I could see, they had a fire mage, a holy pally, and a fury warrior.) Don’t get me started on the Fury warrior. LOL.

I guess its just comforting to know, that when Crystal wakes up on Monday morning, I’ll be signed out for probably Kara group 3 as the off tank. Who knows, maybe the guild leader will join us again.


Mindless Saturday meme I totally ripped off from Avitable

What is your favorite quotable line from a movie?
Well, glad you asked that! “If my calculations are correct, when this baby hits eighty-eight miles per hour… you’re gonna see some serious shit.

Who is the most famous person you’ve talked to?
Stephen Baldwin. I said “excuse me”. He was in my buddies internet cafe.

How many bags/boxes of potato chips are consumed at your house per month?
Upstairs and downstairs? Or just downstairs? If its both, I’d say around 7 or 8 bags of chips. If just downstairs, 1 or 2.

What foreign food dish do you prepare from scratch and serve?
Beef and Brocolli stirfry. I kick ass at stirfry.

What is your favorite section of the supermarket?
bacon section of course! Bacon should be its own food group.

What was your high school team’s mascot and what were the school colors?
Fighting Irish! Gold n Blue mothahfuckah!

holy shit! a post!

Last night we went on a “booze cruise“. Crystal and I had a blast with other Walmart people. It was a fund rasier for CMN. It was so much fun. I mentioned to my store manager who came with us that we had to do this again. Good food, a hellova lot of Santana cover songs.

Jack and Jackie, enjoying themselves.

But now its my day off. So far, I’ve moved Brian’s huge, and heavy totes of audio cassettes, and records up a flight of stairs and put them in their computer room. Hopefully I can rememeber to put Joe’s tv in the truck on Monday morning so I can finally have the computer area clean of totes. and we’ll finally be done with the house.

I have a few things going on today; I have laundry to do, and I have to clean the bathroom. One load is already in the washer. So I am ahead of the game! One load in the can, and 2 more to go!

Other than that, I may nap, or watch non-olympic tv, or maybe a movie. I might just even pvp on World of Warcraft.

Yup, life is good.

i gotta coffee pee!

Good Morning! Its the last day of my 3 day weekend. *sigh*

The parade was awesome, as usual. Lots of people as always. This year we were not in the front row, cause we got there just a little late. All the usual bands and political people were there. I’m just happy it was nice and cool, and not sweat your ass off hot.

Today, I think we’ll be going to Rumford Pets in warwick to look at the puppies again, then its off to the new place to continue working on it we only have a few more weeks, and its still a shit hole down there. I’d like to know one way or the other if Crystal’s sister is gonna take the bed. Then I don’t have to bring the old one, and we can plan alittle better for the move. I’m annoyed, but I think Robin is more annoyed cause the bed is in her second bedroom, and she can’t finish her master bedroom until its out of there.

Went to see Hancock last night, and it was pretty good. Good action, pretty funny comedy. Purely a mindless summer movie. Not really big on plot, but thats pretty much a Will Smith summer moive. The more I think about it, the more I say it was ‘ok’. I mean its pretty good, but I wouldn’t go see it in the theatre again. I would watch Wanted again in the theatre, but not Hancock.

Next up for movies; Hellboy 2. Can’t wait to see that!

Welp, thats as close as yer gonna get for a blog post, till maybe Tuesday! Have a good one!

is having a poopy day. the run…

is having a poopy day. the runs and awful humidity mixed with shitty ac

i hate titles

Its a warm, slightly overcast day here in Warwick. Soon, we’ll be getting up and taking a shower. Today is painting day at the new place. We need to get some offish white, and some light blue. Should be moving some of the totes that are in the office space and the bed room. That means we can maybe get the bedroom 100% today as well. So all in all, it should be a busy day for us today. I think I am ready for it. I’m 1/2 a pot of coffee into my morning, so its all good.

Been playing WoW abit more. It really helps if you have a healer. Cause in our lazy guild, of you don’;t have a healer, everyone goes “Fuck it, no healer no play, we don’t pug healers.” But we have one now, so its awesome, we’ve been playing some of the lower levels instances to figure out how we work as a team, and thats been working out well for us.

theguildrun onoandi

Still waiting for our cheque form Uncle Sam. I think instead of mailing out a letter saying you should get it 4 days after the notice was mailed, they should send out the cheque. Infact by the time that they mail out the letter, the information is already out of date. I checked out irs.gov, and they said we should expect it around the June 20th time frame. So whats the point in sending out a letter, and says we should have but the 23rd of this month. C’mon its already the 31st. If this was any other business, they would have been reported to the BBB. Damn IRS. /fume

Work is going good. Busy, busy, busy in Lawn and Garden. Been moving pallets of mulch and top soil like a mofo for Robin. I think in the last two days I have forked over 20 pallets to her. And she could use more. Much more, theres just not enough time or man power in one 8 hour shift.

Tomorrow is my birthday! W00t! I can’t say as if I am excited.I think this happens when you get older. Its just another day. Sure I get presents,a nd thats awesome, and my mom calls and sings to me, thats awesome too. But I just don’t think it terms of numbers for age. You are as old as you think you are. Simple, no? So, “what should I buy for you Eddie?“, is the question burning in your minds right now. Along with “Shit, tomorrow is your birthday, it couldn’t possibly get there in time…” And my response, “Thats ok, I don’t mind!”

Anyways. What should we get for lunch? Subway, Quiznos, KFC, etc. I dunno. I think I want something different today. Something yummy, of course, and not something yucky.

I think I have run out of things to say. Have a good one.

sup bitches!

Another Tuesday, another day off. This time the WoW servers are down, unlike last week, when they just had rolling restarts. Shit. Now I gotta work around the house till they come up. Its cool here today. I like spring, I like it when its cool in the morning and warm in the afternoon. Summers in Whitehorse were like that. You could always tell how hot it was going to be, by how *cold* it was in the morning. The colder in the morning, the hotter in the afternoon/evening.

The cat is all curled up on Crystals chair. I really should go over there and annoy him, like he did to me at 5am this morning, but I’ll let him sleep. Pickle is around here somewhere too, sleeping. Probably in a closet or something. They will both wake up and watch me as I load the dish washer or something. I had to leave early from work yesterday. So since I was rushed, I forgot to buy dinner for last night and quarters for laundry today. I guess it will have to wait till next week. It shouldn’t be too bad, not like a couple of weeks ago.

Work is going good. Lawn and garden is all set up and is breaking its sales from last year. Saturday is their Grand Opening, so if you are in the Warwick area, be sure to go and visit, and buy some plants. If you do go, look up and see all the work I did with the help of my co-worker Bill.

Lemmie tell you, Chaucer is loving this weather, I open the window, and he sits in it watching people go by like an old man on his porch. A couple of nights ago, there was a bug on the other side of the screen, and he was pushing his face against the screen try to get at the bug. Course he’s still afraid of the garbage truck, and will run and hide if it drives through our parking lot.

One thing I hate about having Tuesday off (other than the fact Crystal has to go to work, and the WoW servers are down), is the fact that day time tv friggin sucks. Theres nothing on. I mean who cares about what Regis did the night before? I don’t. And is it just me or is Kelly Ripa’s voice like nails down a chalkboard? I think they should have a three way celebrity deathmatch with Rosie vs. Kelly vs. Regis. In round 3 they should introduce landmines and shotguns. Air it live on Pay-Per-View, make millions and 3 annoying people would be dead. I think I’d pay atleast $5 to watch it.

I have to pee…

why am i so sleepy all the time?

You know its been along time since you posted, when you have to login to your wordpress account again. Nothing much has been happening here. In fact I was so bored last friday, I came up with the plan to take Crystal out for a nice dinner at the Outback, and then it was off to the movie theatre to watch a late night showing of Cloverfield. I really liked it. It was neat to see a monster/action flick from the point of view of one of the main characters.

Saturday we did nothing but play WoW. We got our toons within 200 kills of lvl 67. Man, I tell you these last few lvls to 70 suck ass! It takes so long to gain a level, and of course we have been passed by other guild members that are on thier second toons going to 70. What kinda annoys me is that our GL is working on his Priest and the only reason why he is lvling so fast is because he has two other players who are doing all his killing for him. While 99% of the time it is just us running around doing quests by ourselves. Sometimes when we are playing since we are one or two lvls below them we are left behind on some instance run, because they say we are too low. BULLSHIT I say! The too our GL’s Priest into Black Morass when he was lvl 66. it was 4 70′s and him, and he was the main healer. *le sigh*

Sunday we went over to the inlaws where we had chicken wings, and watched Family Guy: Blue harvest. Everyone loved it, and had a great time with it. After Supper we watched Shoot em Up, and while it was over the top in some places, I said it was about time that we just watched a mindless action movie. So it was nice too. Course I don’t like how Brian has the living room set up, I can’t snuggle with my wife on the full sized couch as its too big. I like the loved seat better.

Today, after a discussion last night, I have been looking into going to a gym with Crystal to try and get into shape abit. I’d love to loose my tummy, and all that. I’m open to just about anything, so I posted a question to Ask Metafilter, to try and get some input from the “hive mind” that is Metafilter. They have come through in the past. As I was walking to get the mail today, I found an ad for Work out World, that sounds pretty good, so I’ll past that on to Crystal to see what she thinks. I don’t think either of us would be comfortable walking into a Gold’s Gym or anything like that.

While I have a few things to do around the house, so I may post later.

rain rain go away

Its been a wet and rainy week here in Rhode island. I like it cause I sleep better at night. It was nice this morning when I could wake up and snuggle Crystal for a few hours while watching shitty videos on VH1 and MTV.

Wrote a big manifesto for the guild at work on Sunday, reaction has been pretty good so far. So hopefully that will kick start some people to actually doing something on with the guild and on the website. Saturday my big goal was to get to lvl 40, but we only managed to get very close to lvl 34. We dinged last night before we retired to the bedroom to watch The Riches.

We woke up and snugged today, then it was off to surf the net, and wait for the WoW servers to reboot. When they did we logged on and worked on out professions for a bit. I got my main Bacagrande demoted to officer alt, and Sildenafil promoted to my main. I am feeling the love for Paladin, and I am working on that, so I figured that I would use her as my main now.

Tomarrow is Nannys birthday, and we have already got her present! damn we are getting good at getting the presents on time! heh

Well back to surfing the web and doing nothing. I don’t wanna go to work tomarrow!


Its a sad day today. I think the Neon made one of its last trips today. We had it towed to the inlaws house where it now sits. Its sad, it was a really good car, and my parents bought it for us. Mostly its my fault for not knowing more about cars, Maybe I could had it fixed earlier. I don’t know, but I think the next car, whatever it maybe I will treat it differently.

Like the Probe, I grew every attached to the Neon. Honestly, if I could afford it, I would buy a new one. However they are not making it anymore. Crystals father is looking at finding us a new car. Currently we are using Nanny’s truck untill then. Course if we spend this money on a new car, we are stuck in Pawtucket for at least another year.

We were gonna get Robins broker to look into getting us set up with a mortgage for this sweet little doublewide that I found in the paper, but like Robin says “One thing at a time.” So now we once again play the waiting game. Crystals dad wants to find one good car, instead of 2 cheap cars. While I agree in logic, I don’t think he has ever been in a one car household. Course one car is cheaper and easier to repair than two cars.

So today I cleaned most of the kitchen, and did some dishes, and am currently defrosting a steak for supper. I lwas cleaning the kitchen and noticed that I accidentaly unplugged the mini fridge unstead of the microwave (last week I burned something and there was smoke everywhere) so I had to toss 99% of everything in the fridge and freezer. But thankfully I saved the Coffee Crisp bars!


So yeah, just another shitty day in a shitty month. Hope the rest of the year gets better than this. Oh wait, it’ll start to get better ofter June 1st. My 30th birthday. Fuck, I’m getting old.