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the one where he wants ice cream

I’m really impressed. Nothing really pissed me off today. That in it self is very impressive. And I didn’t lend my cell phone out to anyone either.

I made the mistake of looking at the Coldstone Creamery website to get an idea of what they had there, because I told Crystal, maybe we’d pop over this weekend for a treat. Course now I really want ice cream. But if I have it tonight, I can’t have it this weekend. Because too much of a good thing is a bad thing. I think I’ll just and steal one of Crystal sorbets.

I have no idea what movie I’m going to rent this weekend. I’ve heard nothing but good things for I Love You Man. But if that falls through, what’s a good newish release that, some thirty some things will like and s forty some thing, and fifty something will enjoy as well. These are the people that laughed along with Van Wilder, and Harold and Kumar, but didn’t really enjoy My Boss’s Daughter, or Watchmen.

Well people are eith passing away or getting married lately. I have another wedding to go to, not this weekend, but the following one. I’ve already made it known I don’t want to wear a tie. I’ll wear the nice dress pants I have, but I really don’t feel like wearing a tie. I’ll wear a nice shirt, but it it looks better untucked, guess what, I’m going untucked. I went untucked to Robin and Erik’s wedding, and I have to say I looked damn good. Damn good enough to get 3 or 4 professional pictures taken by the wedding photographer. Hell maybe I’ll wear my plantation hat too.

Ok, maybe not. But its summer time, I’m not in the wedding party, I have no resposiblities, but to show up and celebrate with a few co-workers. So I don’t think I’m going to wear one. Simple. done.

Still want ice cream.