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Ok, my day off is going pretty good. I got alot accomplished today.

Got the loveseat out of the apartment. I saved the two cushons in case they are better then the ones we have on the couch right now. I realised that the boxes are in the truck. The truck is with Crystal at work right now. Problem? Nah, I cleaned out the front closet and got everything sitting in the living room. Some stuff was heavy, but I did my best. And the best news? All the lifting I did, didn’t hurt my back at all! I’m very happy with that. I’m still gonna wear my back brace on Sunday though. I ain’t gonna push it.

The new place is done. Mostly. The living room needs one more rug, thats sitting in my office right now. The kitchen needs 2 more door painted and then its done. The living room is done! The computer section just needs to have a couple of things moved out of it and its done!

Pickle got into the refrigerator today. I mean inside, I had to unplug it because she was on the other side of the fan. Bad Pickle. She’s in time out in her cage, where I bet that she is sleeping and dreaming little ferret dreams of more things to get into.

I’ve also been doing dishes all day. Thank god for dish washers or I’d still be on the first load. Things are slowly comming together.

oh yeah!

i gotta coffee pee!

Good Morning! Its the last day of my 3 day weekend. *sigh*

The parade was awesome, as usual. Lots of people as always. This year we were not in the front row, cause we got there just a little late. All the usual bands and political people were there. I’m just happy it was nice and cool, and not sweat your ass off hot.

Today, I think we’ll be going to Rumford Pets in warwick to look at the puppies again, then its off to the new place to continue working on it we only have a few more weeks, and its still a shit hole down there. I’d like to know one way or the other if Crystal’s sister is gonna take the bed. Then I don’t have to bring the old one, and we can plan alittle better for the move. I’m annoyed, but I think Robin is more annoyed cause the bed is in her second bedroom, and she can’t finish her master bedroom until its out of there.

Went to see Hancock last night, and it was pretty good. Good action, pretty funny comedy. Purely a mindless summer movie. Not really big on plot, but thats pretty much a Will Smith summer moive. The more I think about it, the more I say it was ‘ok’. I mean its pretty good, but I wouldn’t go see it in the theatre again. I would watch Wanted again in the theatre, but not Hancock.

Next up for movies; Hellboy 2. Can’t wait to see that!

Welp, thats as close as yer gonna get for a blog post, till maybe Tuesday! Have a good one!

happy birthday to me!

happy birthday to me!

more wow than rl

Happy Tuesday!

The long weekend was really good. Yesterday, we went over to Crystals dads house, and I had a blast. Her uncles are so funny, and they are fast! After supper we sat around the table and fought over the 1/2 can of whipped cream. Course me being fast with the ice cream, I got it first. Crystals dad was worried that we wouldn’t be able to eat all of the steak. Well lemmie tell ya, there was like 3 pieces left after we were through with it. He also went on and on about the Boars Head hotdogs that he got. They were good, don’t get me wrong, but I’ll stick with Saugies or Johnsonville Brats.

Today, I’m being lazy. I’ve cleaned up the living room, and organised some CD’s and DVD’s. I’ve cleaned up the desks abit, and chased the ferret around. I haven’t seen the cat since I started to clean. He’s probably under the bed. Thats ok.

We’ve started doing runs again in WoW. After Wil left we had a few people leave, and we are slowly rebuilding. We finally got another healer, so we finally got a group of 5. On Thursday, I think, we got together, and did Mechanar. That was a friggin blast! Last night we did The Black Morass. I was nervous, because stupid me had to read about it cause I had never gone. All I read was there was wave after wave of baddies. I was scared, but just about everyone else had been there before, so they knew what to do.

blackmorass blackmorass2

Well, we kicked ass. Its a very fast instance, and no one died which was really good. I am learning Mana control, and not once did I run out of it! Kaz is an excellent healer, there was a couple of times that I almost died, but he saw and brought me back from the brink.

Tonight after the servers come back up, maybe we’ll be doing another run. There’s so much that I need. I really need Cenareon Rep. So we’ll see if we’ll do that in the future. I don’t know what Crystal needs, but If I can get her to post some runs, we’ll see what we can do for her as well.


How many cannibals could your body feed?

Oh, and happy Easter, enjoy the Resurrection!


happy new year!! A couple of days ago, I found an iPod Touch on a side counter, which is good. Good cause our Internet is down. Currently we are stealing wifi from someone in our building. Someone who for got to lock out his router!!

We’re both sick here, so midnight came, we kissed and went to bed.

Recently we bought a movie. The movie was Serenity. We loved it, and we are 3 DVDs into the 4 DVD complete series. Its an awesome tv show and movie.

Ok thumbs getting sore from typing. See ya.

all about WoW

I hate having my day off on Tuesdays cause its downtime day for the WoW servers. I sit here, and wait for them to come back up. At least I have a kitty on my lap, that helps the wait abit.

Sunday we dinged 62. Very happy about that. Before we dinged, we ran Ramparts. I begged for one last ran in hopes that I could get the Hellreaver. I promised that this would be the last time that I would request this run from other Guildies, and told them that I would pass on everything, in hope that I would get that sexy polearm. We had a shaky start, but made it through to the end. After the last fight, we opened up the chest, and it was there! Once the servers are back up, I’ll post a picture of Sildenafil wielding it, in all its glory!

i’m tired and don’t sleep well.

Wow, its been awhile since I last posted. Its been so busy around here, with Nanny gone, and Robin going into the hospital, we really have not done anything when we finally get home. We bought Dexter season 1 last week, so we’ve been watching that when there is nothing on tv. Monday was the start of premere week with Chuck, Heroes and Journman.

I think maybe if I am not too tired/stuffed up we’ll log in and play some World of Warcraft tomarrow. I’m downloading the patch right now. I’ll log in in check my mail.We need to get up to 58 so we can get through the Dark Portal, and start the serious leveling. I want us to be at least 69ish when the new expansion comes out. Its been hard to try and devote time to play a game.

Last night we had yummy steak sandwiches for supper, and since Crystal is closing tonight I have made a command decision to have breaded chicken patties and french fries for supper. So it should be yummy!

Once we get the new medical cards, I think I am gonna go to the doctor and see if I can get some allergy pills, and maybe some happy pills. According to the commercials, I might be slightly depressed. I sleep but its not restful, i can’t really concentrate on things at work, and most of the time I’m either slightly depressed or just blah. Ya know?

i want a nap

Lets see what should I post about today. I flung the kitten off the bed this morning as he was in full on play mode and decided that my face would be a good place to sharpen his claws. So I got up on my day off, let pickle out of her cage and wandered out to the living room where Crystal got up a couple of minutes later. She showered and left for work shortly after. I played with Chaucer for abit and tried to nap on the couch. (memo to self, get more comfortable pillows for the couch.) I decided that the couch was not too comfy so I dragged myself to the bed and tried to sleep. About 20 minutes after I fell asleep, the phone started to ring so I ran to the kitchen and answered it; it was my mom saying that they will be comming down on the 3rd of September! W00t! So no I have to see if I can take a couple of days before inventory. I forgot to ask how long they would be staying down here.

I’m really happy that they are comming, maybe they can help Robin out abit. I really hope so. I called and told Robin who was very happy that they are comming, and was sure that Nanny would be happy too. Nanny need to have news like this.

Last night Crystal and I dinged level 52 last night in wow. Only 6 more levels before I get to pimp walk through the dark portal and really get some levels fast now! I mean I have to hit 70 before the next expansion comes out so I can experience it when it comes out! I’m still trying to figure out if I am gonna respec come lvl 60. I don’t know, but I guess I’ll figure it out.

Oh god Martha Stewart is on tv now, where the hell is that remote?

i love my bitsypookums

So its been a great 5th anniversary! I surprised Crystal Friday by not telling her I took the day off. So here’s what I did; I got up at my normal time, kissed her good bye, and drove to the Supercenter to get her some flowers. Then I came back and woke her up by singing my own version of Happy Anniversary! to her at 7am! She loved the flowers. We went back to sleep for a few more hours.

It was a great day I got to hang out with the love of my life all day for 2 whole days. I tell you I am so blessed to have her for my wife. SO BLESSED.

So today we get up, go out and have breakfast and the plan was for Crystal to get some shading down on her Swallows. But since they were too fresh still, she was gonna get some cherry blossoms put around them. I wanted to get my little buddha on a lotus flower. I showed Jeremy what I wanted and he got it all together. Lemmie tell you the pain was very very bad this time. If I ever get another tattoo, it will NOT be on my wrist. Damn that hurt *so* bad. Unfortunatly we didn’t have enough time to get Crystals, but we made an appointment for 2 weeks from now that she can go in and get work, where I’ll be holding her hand.

Course my wrist is all swollen, and it hurts to bend it in any way shape or form but, that will go down tonight I hope. I like it, I think it ties in pretty good with my Koi.

Here it is: