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Mindless Saturday meme I totally ripped off from Avitable

What is your favorite quotable line from a movie?
Well, glad you asked that! “If my calculations are correct, when this baby hits eighty-eight miles per hour… you’re gonna see some serious shit.

Who is the most famous person you’ve talked to?
Stephen Baldwin. I said “excuse me”. He was in my buddies internet cafe.

How many bags/boxes of potato chips are consumed at your house per month?
Upstairs and downstairs? Or just downstairs? If its both, I’d say around 7 or 8 bags of chips. If just downstairs, 1 or 2.

What foreign food dish do you prepare from scratch and serve?
Beef and Brocolli stirfry. I kick ass at stirfry.

What is your favorite section of the supermarket?
bacon section of course! Bacon should be its own food group.

What was your high school team’s mascot and what were the school colors?
Fighting Irish! Gold n Blue mothahfuckah!

i hate titles

Its a warm, slightly overcast day here in Warwick. Soon, we’ll be getting up and taking a shower. Today is painting day at the new place. We need to get some offish white, and some light blue. Should be moving some of the totes that are in the office space and the bed room. That means we can maybe get the bedroom 100% today as well. So all in all, it should be a busy day for us today. I think I am ready for it. I’m 1/2 a pot of coffee into my morning, so its all good.

Been playing WoW abit more. It really helps if you have a healer. Cause in our lazy guild, of you don’;t have a healer, everyone goes “Fuck it, no healer no play, we don’t pug healers.” But we have one now, so its awesome, we’ve been playing some of the lower levels instances to figure out how we work as a team, and thats been working out well for us.

theguildrun onoandi

Still waiting for our cheque form Uncle Sam. I think instead of mailing out a letter saying you should get it 4 days after the notice was mailed, they should send out the cheque. Infact by the time that they mail out the letter, the information is already out of date. I checked out irs.gov, and they said we should expect it around the June 20th time frame. So whats the point in sending out a letter, and says we should have but the 23rd of this month. C’mon its already the 31st. If this was any other business, they would have been reported to the BBB. Damn IRS. /fume

Work is going good. Busy, busy, busy in Lawn and Garden. Been moving pallets of mulch and top soil like a mofo for Robin. I think in the last two days I have forked over 20 pallets to her. And she could use more. Much more, theres just not enough time or man power in one 8 hour shift.

Tomorrow is my birthday! W00t! I can’t say as if I am excited.I think this happens when you get older. Its just another day. Sure I get presents,a nd thats awesome, and my mom calls and sings to me, thats awesome too. But I just don’t think it terms of numbers for age. You are as old as you think you are. Simple, no? So, “what should I buy for you Eddie?“, is the question burning in your minds right now. Along with “Shit, tomorrow is your birthday, it couldn’t possibly get there in time…” And my response, “Thats ok, I don’t mind!”

Anyways. What should we get for lunch? Subway, Quiznos, KFC, etc. I dunno. I think I want something different today. Something yummy, of course, and not something yucky.

I think I have run out of things to say. Have a good one.


Let me first say that Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, fucking rocked. Our Friends Joe, and Wil, I don’t think liked it too much. Joe didn’t and Wil just kept saying the next one with just have Sam Witwicky staring in it. I really enjoyed it, and thought it was as good as Raiders was. It looked fantastic. They made a good choice when they decided to film on film and not digitally. It had a good story line, some pretty good nods to the other films, and Harrison Ford did a great job of reprising his role as Indy.

While we were watching the previews, Wall-e came on. While its cute, I still don’t wanna see it. Most of their Pixar crap comming out is too cute. They are focussing on the cute, and I think not the story line. Or if it does have a story line its the same one over and over again. I think Disney/Pixar/Dreamworks should work on more live action (ie: Pirates, National Treasure, etc). Come on National Treasure didn’t even feel like a Disney movie. I have National Treasure 2 here and I can’t wait to watch it.

So today is a joint day of, so I don’t know what we are gonna do today. Hell sitting watching tv would be cool for me. Even playing the Sims or something would be cool too. We got another 4 DVDs of Lost season 3 to watch as well. I think I’ll be making Spaghetti and meat sauce for supper tonight. We have not had that for a long time, and I like Spaghetti and meat sauce. So I guess I should get dressed and go and get the stuff for it before Stop and Shop gets too busy.

Since everyone else is posting this I guess I will too. 1. cause its a great song, and 2. after watching this last night, its a great video, so check it out.

Well I’m off to get dressed so I can go shopping for lunch and dinner, but mostly dinner.

my week :)

Wow what a whirl wind week. My parents came down to visit, and we ending up visiting 2 other states while they were down. They got here on Friday, and we had a quick visit at Robins. Saturday we were up and on our way to Mystic Aquarium. What a blast! My mom and the rest of us got on a virtual rollercoaster, and while Robin was laughing her ass off, my mom was say “oh my god, what am I on!?”. It was Great. Robin got to chill with the penguins for a while. She had a smile on her face for hours.

After the Aquarium, we wandered over to Mystic Village, to do the tourist thing. They had some awesome shops there, and totally awesome prices. If I woulda had some extra money we would have bought a few things. After walking around all day, we drove to Bugaboo Creek for supper. We had a trainee. I got my meal after everyone else had finished eating because she forgot to put it in the computer. I got my steak for free. Good steak, bad service. The woman that was training her, was never around. And you could tel this girl was flustered. Oh well. Bygones.

Sunday was the flea market. I wish Crystal would have come cause I was missing her something awful. I bought her a really cool old hard cover book that she wanted to make a book safe out of, but she figured the book was cooler if it was left intact. I got a couple of Nintendo games, and a NES Advantage controller. I also got her a Muppets lunch box.

Monday. Work. Blech.

Tuesday. Day off. I got to Robins around 8am to let the engine cool down, as my father and I were gonna see if we could figure out why the truck was over heating. He figured it out right away and we went to get the part. Well we got alot more for the truck including the drivers side mirror. I’m gonna try and put that on, on Saturday. We got 90% of everything installed on the truck, in the pouring rain, under a comforter. I had a blast though, just hanging out with him as an adult, not a kid. It felt very cool. After we were done, we drove to pick up Crystal, to get some food. We drove to Mass, and got some awesome Soup, Salad, and Breadsticks from Olive Garden. We hit up a couple of stores, and then took Crystal to work. We were then off to the mall for some bonding with the parents. Let me tell you it was awesome! My feet hurt and I was tired, but I would not have traded it for the world. Its been so long since I just hung out with them. Just thinking about it makes me miss them even more.

Ok, no more sappy stuff. Remember “Cobaltduck”? Yeah the freaky guy from a couple of years ago.

(http://www.sudobeer.net/archives/2005/03/19/still-freaky-after-all-these-years/ )
(http://www.sudobeer.net/archives/2006/03/30/hes-baack/ )

Well yeah. I was checking my stas one day and noticed that I got like 16 hits from IMDB in a few hours. I investagated it and lo and behold, its him. He’s up to his old tricks, but I guess he got bored with Bif Naked and decided to move on to someone younger….He’s stalking Lindsey Lohan.(!) Wow this dude is fucked up. Course if you call him on it he calls you a
1. fag
2. homo
3. retard
4. idiot

I think he has about a 3 second memory cause in the end before he ignored me, cause I was just sarcastically agreeing with him, thought I was stalking him, and seeking him out cause I’m a ….wait for it…. psycho looser.


check em out:




Its a sad day today. I think the Neon made one of its last trips today. We had it towed to the inlaws house where it now sits. Its sad, it was a really good car, and my parents bought it for us. Mostly its my fault for not knowing more about cars, Maybe I could had it fixed earlier. I don’t know, but I think the next car, whatever it maybe I will treat it differently.

Like the Probe, I grew every attached to the Neon. Honestly, if I could afford it, I would buy a new one. However they are not making it anymore. Crystals father is looking at finding us a new car. Currently we are using Nanny’s truck untill then. Course if we spend this money on a new car, we are stuck in Pawtucket for at least another year.

We were gonna get Robins broker to look into getting us set up with a mortgage for this sweet little doublewide that I found in the paper, but like Robin says “One thing at a time.” So now we once again play the waiting game. Crystals dad wants to find one good car, instead of 2 cheap cars. While I agree in logic, I don’t think he has ever been in a one car household. Course one car is cheaper and easier to repair than two cars.

So today I cleaned most of the kitchen, and did some dishes, and am currently defrosting a steak for supper. I lwas cleaning the kitchen and noticed that I accidentaly unplugged the mini fridge unstead of the microwave (last week I burned something and there was smoke everywhere) so I had to toss 99% of everything in the fridge and freezer. But thankfully I saved the Coffee Crisp bars!


So yeah, just another shitty day in a shitty month. Hope the rest of the year gets better than this. Oh wait, it’ll start to get better ofter June 1st. My 30th birthday. Fuck, I’m getting old.

Tradeitionally Brewed

Had a great day today. We went to the mall and just hung out, it was great. First we had lunch at Arby’s and then it was time to wander around. First stop, was Torrid for Crystal to look around. There were a couple of things that she liked in there but its fuckin expensive there so we booked it outa there intent on finding Lane Bryant for her to us her gift certificate, and as you can read, she spent it well.

We walked around alot, I found a pair of shoes that Crystal convinced me to ask if they had them in my size, but they didn’t and I didn’t want to buy a pair of the helios or whatever they are called, The rollerskate shoes! I woulda killed myself tho!

Found a really nice shirt at Hot Topic, but it would never have fit, and it was a pretty good one too. And no, I couldn’t find it on their website either. I like the clothes in hot topic I really do, I like all those types of clothes, but I’ll never be the size of an average emo boy. I’m too tall!

So we went over to target, and I bought some sock, a pair of pants and a new pair of shoes. We then wandered around Newbury Comics, and then went to Wal-Mart where I got some clearance shirts and then it was off to Pizzrea Uno for supper, now we are home, and I am drinkin some Guinness.

I don’t want to go to work tomarrow.

Do you know what “nemesis” means? A righteous infliction of retribution manifested by an appropriate agent. Personified in this case by an ‘orrible cunt… me.

Aaahhh with all that has happened, I’m feeling better cause I am talking with an old old old LJ friend Dave from Oxford. He says he’s commin to visit soon, and he’s gonna teach to speak with a cockney accent. I told him I was gonna buy a baseball bat, and he said he’d send me his cricket bat. W00t! might have to go to Dick’s and see if they have any.

This is the one that I want to get. Anyone want to buy it for me so I can protect myself and Crystal?

So yeah, if you wanna get into our heads read this chat transcript:

[19:38] Deadly: dude, sorry to hear about you getting robbed. you both ok?
[19:38] £ddi£: yeah we were not home when it happened
[19:39] Deadly: shame, bet you would’ve given them a right beating.
[19:39] £ddi£: probably tomarrow i am buying a baseball bat
[19:40] Deadly: don’t blame you. i have always been the proud owner of a cricket bat!
[19:40] Deadly: (how english is that!)
[19:40] £ddi£: if i could get one here i would
[19:41] Deadly: can send you mine if you want
[19:41] £ddi£: lol that would be hella cool
[19:42] Deadly: not sure how we’d get that one through, but i reckon it’d be ok. can just see the look of bemusement on your friend’s faces when they see it!
[19:43] £ddi£: haha yeah that would be funny then i could dress up as shaun of the dead for halloween!
[19:44] Deadly: its yours. will wrap it and send it to you. (only if you send me photos!) alternatively, i’ll just hand deliver it. can just see me getting through customs with that one!
[19:44] £ddi£: hahah i’d pick you up at the airport!
[19:45] Deadly: i am looking at getting over to the states this year.
[19:45] £ddi£: thats awesome!
[19:46] £ddi£: i need a new tattoo lol
[19:46] Deadly: aye. just need to get my boss to pay for the flights to new york!
[19:46] Deadly: hehe – i need a tattoo.
[19:46] £ddi£: hhehehe get one here
[19:47] Deadly: not sure the yanks would be too chuffed about being asked for a canadian flag….
[19:47] £ddi£: i doubt it :)
[19:47] Deadly: heh. so apart from being robbed? how you both been?
[19:48] £ddi£: not too bad, livin workin you?
[19:48] Deadly: about the same really. working too damn much.
[19:48] £ddi£: lol yeah i know what you mean
[19:49] Deadly: ah well, if it means i get over the pond, all the better.
[19:49] £ddi£: that strue, you’ve been saying you’ve been comming for too long!
[19:50] Deadly: tell me about it. finally i’ve managed to get my finances a bit more in order.
[19:51] £ddi£: thats good :)
[19:51] Deadly: indeed. not perfect, but more managable.
[19:51] £ddi£: very good
[19:51] £ddi£: i’m glad
[19:51] £ddi£: you got a girl yet?
[19:52] Deadly: lol – kind of – i may be getting back with my ex of 3 years ago!
[19:53] £ddi£: hey if you are happy thats all that matters remember that
[19:54] Deadly: true. bit wary though as she broke my heart back then and don’t want to go through it again.
[19:54] £ddi£: i understand
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nice day off

Today is the day I get to go for my eye test, and get new glasses! I’m very excited about this. Now I won’t have to get headaches with my old ones.

Bought X-Men 3 on tuesday, and we’re gonna watch it on Saturday. Brian is very excited about this.

Work is pretty shitty as usual. Vacation, is probably all fucked up, cause I waited too long, and I probably won’t get to help pain the house. Fuck, that was why I had waited for so long to put in the vacation. Martin said I could wait untill after inventory, andf now cause someone else put in for the same days as me, I’ll get fucked. I hope I get my interview for claims/dsd recieving soon.

I also got on facebook, its very cool, and I think I’ll be using that for family, and such…I’m having fun looking up Crystals side of the family.

I’m so tired. Got home at 2 am, now its 5:30 and I am gettin gready to go back. I fucking hate inventory. I want to sleep for 3 days cuddled up with my honey.

She snuggled me. Its never felt better.

hot hot hot

I finally managed to upload some pictures that I took with the new digital camera that I bought (for $20) a couple of weeks ago. I have also learned that with the basic flickr account, 7 pictures at a 5 mega pixel resolution will sit at 97% of the mothly quota for uploads. I know, why didn’t I just make the pictures smaller? Fuck that! I will not bow down the military industrial complex! Damn the man! Save the empire! So I think in a month or 2 I should have all the pictures up loaded.

Its supposed to get very hot today, I can feel it creeping up already within the last hour, I have seen the temp climb 2 degrees, and I am getting sticky which means the humidity is climbing as well.

To all the fathers out there, Happy Fathers day. I want to wish my step father a very happy day. I miss him and my mom alot , hopefully they can come down soon, but I think it’ll be for my 30th (*gasp*!) birtthday next year. From what I hear he is growing his hair out so it won’t be a mullet anymore. Thats a good thing.

Buying ground coffee has been the best thing I have done in the last month. Besides saving about $45 dollars a month, its nice to sit in my boxers and wife beater, and just sip at coffee. Normally I would have to get dressed, walk to Dunkin donuts (America does not “run” on dunkin, they usually drive or walk) order my coffee, walk home, get undressed, and then sip at the coffee. Its nice. I have to see if I can find some french vanilla coffee creamer, cause thats what I really miss.

Tonight is the weekly visit over at the inlaws. I will be getting my hair cut over there, and I have to check in the spare bedroom to see if my electric shaver cord is there so I can charge my shaver…