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the one where he has the afternoon “off”

Heh. Yeah, I had the afternoon off alright! I did 2 loads of laundry, and cleaned up the house just a bit. I’m sure no one will notice, but the cats will be happy enough to be able to shit in a clean litter box. And I will be happy that I have clean socks and underwear to be able to wear to work for the next week.

Now I just have to be able to:

1. Actually go in to work tomorrow (Monday. Been sick the last couple of Mondays.)


2. Make it through the whole day at work.

I think I will be able to do both of those things. As I don’t really (at the time of me writing this) have any personal crisis or anything like that. It’s actually been a really nice weekend. As much as I like to go out and do things, I really like just hanging out at home and watching the 12ish hours of dvr stuff that we have, before it records even more and starts to delete the older stuff.

Watched a couple of movies this weekend. The first was Law Abiding Citizen. It was a great movie, and thankfully Crystal didn’t figure out what was going on during the opening credits, like she did with Passengers. Even though I think that was a fluke of luck on her part. The second movie I watched (by myself) was Astroboy. Oh my god. What a shitty movie. Hardly any action. Way to rape my childhood. I mentioned that on twitter too. If you have the chance to watch it, make sure someone else rented it, so you can make fun of them spending their money on it. It sucked so very badly.

I watched it by myself because Crystal had a thing to do with work. They had a bit of a going away party for Angela who is leaving in a couple of months to move to sunny Florida. The spouses were not invited. That’s cool. They are the family, they worked with Angela for the last 10 years. Honestly, I wouldn’t have had it any other way. I may have teased Crystal about it, but that’s a family that works together.

That being said. While Crystal had an awesome mushroom and swiss burger, I had reheated perogies, and bacon for my lunch. And some hot wings, that were not as good as last weeks. Heh. I want a bacon cheese burger!

Just kidding. My lunch was very good.

I should go out and return the red box movies. But I have to wait until Crystal get home because her sister is over here, and has blocked 3/4 of the driveway, so even if I wanted to grab my mother in laws truck, I couldn’t get out of the driveway. I mean I could go up and ask her to move, but, I’m sure it would come out like I was demanding her to move her car. I have trouble with my inflections lately. When I’m joking it sounds like I’m not.

In other news, my Grandfather is doing better. Not out of the woods, but definitely in a place where he can see the edge of the woods. Passport was signed for at 11:05am on Wednesday the 24, 2010. So that’s where I am starting the 4 weeks wait on. Well I’ll start it the 25th just to give them a head start. so I should have it on the 21st of April, if all goes well.

the one where he sits

I think I kind of wasted this day. I got up at just about 11 am this morning. 11 am! I never sleep in that late any more. At the latest, like 9:30. Its just crazy. I think its the weather outside. It’s cold rainy and gray out there. I just makes you want to stay all curled up in bed.

SO I get up and make some coffee, and sit down to read the Internet. I try and read all of the Internet everyday before I get up and do anything. Some times I leave just one store on the Internet, so in case what I am doing later falls through. I will have one story to read before the Internet resets itself, and new stories fall through the world wide web. But, today I finished the Internet. I want to go to the book store, just to look around. I knew Crystal needed a new book, and I just wanted to get something to eat. So we wandered around, and Crystal found a book, and I found a book (its even one without pictures). Then I asked her what she wanted to eat.

“I want a hamburger. A really good hamburger.”

I knew where to go. 5 Guys Burgers and Fries. Sadly I really didn’t want to drive for another half hour, and really had no idea where in Seekonk they’re located. So I turned right out of the book store, and drove to Chili’s. We both had the same burger. Basically all the way for me, and without veggies for Crystal.

We left full. Always a good thing.

Got a movie for tonight. The final Destination. It’s in 3D. We have the 3D glasses that Crystal told me to take from the Imax. (You see, we’re married, and there’s that whole love honour and cherish fine print. Basically I have to do stuff like that for her) But I don’t know if it’ll work with home dvd 3D. We’ll find out. I still have 3D glasses from Journey to the Centre of the Earth.

Sunday: Laundry day.

Who else is pissed off at the fact that we’re losing an hours worth of sleep this weekend? I am. I need that hours worth of sleep. Trust me. I’m bitchy with 7ish hours of sleep.

the one where he watched her run

running chicky

the one where his alarm went off

Ok, I know its a Sunday, but I set my alarm to go off early. its race day here. Crystal is still sleeping in the other room as I type this. She’s nervous. I could tell last night. I’m nervous. When I’m nervous, I crack jokes.

She’s gonna do just fine. I know this. She knows this. She can do it!

I get to be the camera man today. She thinks the race will take her about 45 minutes to complete.

Ok, this will be a short post with more to come later. I need my coffee more than typing. If you live in Providence, come on down to the CVS 5k and look for me!

the one where he’s retaining water

Its been a non event here this weekend. Nice and relaxing.

Saturday was AWESOME! We dressed up for a date day. Its been a long time since we’ve had a date day. This time, we drove in to Providence to go to the mall. Providence Place Mall is huge. Three main floors and a few sub floors that house some of the anchor stores like Bed Bath and Beyond, etc. We went there to just wander around, people watch, and look for new earrings.

We got there, and actually found a parking spot on the “A – City side”. Thats pretty much unheard of for the time we got there. We got there later than normal, around 12:30ish. I was pretty happy that we found a spot right away. The first store we always check out is Newbury comics. We can always spend aleast 40 minutes just wandering up and down the asles. Which is what we did, but just about a 1/2 hour there. There was nothing that jumped out at us in there. So we went on to the next store.

Hot Topic is the next store we go into. Its dark, emo, and has a lot of Hello Kitty to great us as we walk in there. We head right to the body jewelry and take a look at the for a little while. I’m giggling to myself as a roughly 16 year old “alt” girl leads her mom around the body jewelry case. You can tell the mom doesn’t really want to be there with her little “punk rocker”, but she’s sucking it up. I caught her once or twice staring at my ears with my not so stretched lobes. I feel out of place at hot topic, where my tattoos are all real and I think most of the sales peoples are airbrushed on, on a daily basis.

We found a few that Crystal liked, but was just not lovin them, so at her suggestion, walked over to Spencer’s where they were also having a body jewelry sale. The ever popular buy one get one 50% off. So after looking at them for a while we both decided on what we wanted. After figuring out we’d never buy a Stripper pole from a novelty shop in a mall we got our jewelry and got outa dodge.

We had rented Adventureland for the movie for last night. I think trailers are getting more and more misleading. All the previews I’ve seen of this movie have billed it as a comedy. There are funny spots in the movie, but its definitely not a comedy. There’s a lot of darkness to it. Its a drama. I’m very surprised that Brian made it through the whole movie without falling asleep. So needless to say, I really enjoyed the movie. I thought it had really good acting by everyone except Kristen Stewart. I don’t think she can act very well. I’ve seen her in two movies now. This and Twilight, and it seemed like she was the same person in both.

Today, has been a lazy day. 7 days now until Crystal runs her first 5k race. I think she is very nervous. I would be. She’s gonna do great. Once again, I’ll be the guy at the finish line with the air horn to cheer her on.

the one where he says thanks to all

I just wanted to thank everyone, from my parents, to my inlaws, to my wife, and everyone else that was part of my vacation/birthday week. Thank you guys and gals so very much. This was pretty much one of the best vacations, and birthdays that I have had in a very long time.

We were pretty much all over the state when my parents came down. But I had a blast. I got a home made birthday cake from my mom. A cake that I haven’t had in about 10 years, and it tasted just the same as I remember it. It was great seeing my parents again. I’ve missed them. Its hard being so far away from them all the time, but ya know, I have a great family here too. And they keep me on my toes, I’m better for having known them.

This weekend went by too quick, but that’s what happens on the last weekend before you go back to work. Saturday we made the drive out to West Bumfuck, MA to meet Adam Avitable. We met up with Robin, and Christi. Adam was a little late, to which Christi told him, he had to make a “Proper Entrance”.

Meeting Adam was really cool. You never really expect to meet anyone from the “Interwebz”, and some time when you do, its hit or miss. I’d like to think he had a good time surrounded by women, and of course me. He’s just as funny in person as he is on his site, but I think he’s a little more soft spoken than he comes off on his site. He’s a good guy, and I would definitely travel an hour again to see him. I’d love to get down to his place for the Halloween party. We grilled him on the details of this years party, but he held fast and wouldn’t reveal any details.

Today was just supposed to be a lazy day, with just groceries to get. I got up around 8:30 and ran out to get them. We tried to play WoW in the morning and we just couldn’t get into the groove with Crystal’s computer crashing randomly. She found the problem. We had some lunch, and I wanted to go to the Home Depot to look at faucet’s for the kitchen, and ended up walking out of there with a ceiling fan, and a new light for the bedroom.

Tomorrow, I have to start getting up early. I think I am ready to go back to work, but I’d love to be able to go in for about 9. I’m gonna miss sleeping in, even if it was until 7 or 8.

So guys, once again, thank you so very much for everything this last week and a half. It was awesome. Something to remember.


the one where he is tired

I guess I should post something. My ears are all plugged up and Crystal thinks maybe I have a sinus infection. I am unimpressed. I don’t think i have an infection. But my head is full and i can feel the pressure in my ears. And i think the pressure in my head is pushing on my jaw again, its starting to hurt again. But not as bad as before, I can still talk and eat, bitches!

I’m sleepy too. I think I might just need one more day off. But alas, earwax, I cannot. I have to go to work tomorrow, so I can get the oil changed in the truck. That means I have to back out Ma’s truck for Crystal tomorrow, and take the Escape in to Sears in the morning.

Played alot of WoW this weekend. That’s cool though, we’re another level closer to 80. I’m apprehensive about hitting 80. I mean I was excited to hit 70, because it took us almost triple the time. This just seemed so fast. I guess there’s still lots to do with “life after 80″, I dunno, there’s always a Death Knight. I’m just having so much fun with Crystal, doing our own thing. Not having to rely on others like we would have to in a raid. I just like to kick it with her. Maybe that will will change, when I’ve done what I want to do, and then maybe I’ll be ready to raid again.

Ok, my tummy is upset, time to sit on the couch until its time to shower.

I get to work in the morning! I have to remember cd’s. I have to listen to something other than Journey’s Greatest hits. 11 songs, on repeat for 8 hours a day. Even Journey is not that awesome after listening to them for 2 weeks straight.

the one where he plays wow, and naps

I got up early today. I couldn’t sleep. I think it was pretty close to 7:30 or 7:45. That really sucked. I was looking forward to sleeping in until at least 8:30-9am. So I got up and made some coffee. Had some quiet time before Crystal got up, so I just surfed the net and did some twitter replies.


Shortly after Crystal got up, we logged into World of Warcraft to continue our mission to get the Explorer Title. Well, we explored everything we could, and a few hours after logging in, we got the Title and the talbard. We explored some pretty desolate places, but I did get to find some of the cutest penguins ever, just wandering around on the ice flow. I had to stop and take their picture, so when the MIL get home, if I can remember, I’ll bring her downstairs and show her. After we got the Achievement, we logged out for some Tuna sandwiches. Yummy, my woman sure know how to whip of Tuna and Miracle Whip! I also havd some potato chips, and a bowl of Ramen noodles, beef flavour, cause they rule.

Its been a nice lazy day. I didn’t get dressed, and I’ve taken a nap. Just need to have supper, a shower, and I get to start a brand new work week.

the one where he cleans and kills

It was a good Saturday. Slept in a little. Of course, there was coffee to be had. The coffee was good. Helped get rid of my headache with its French Vanilla super powers. We slept in abit, which was great. I get tired of waking up every day at 5:10am. (My damn alarm clock is always running fast, right now its about a half hour fast.) Like the past three days, I’ve woken up with a headache. Yesterday was the worst, as it was actually pounding at work. I took some “fast acting Tylenol”, and that seemed to clear it up nice and quickly. After a few hours of surfing the net, we left the house to go and get groceries at the Super Walmart a few miles away. Crystal and my mother in law, Robin were making fun of me for wearing shorts outside since it was only 28 degrees. I countered with the logic no woman can understand:

“I’m only going from the house, to the store, then from the store to the house, it doesn’t matter if I am wearing shorts and its cold, cause I am only in the car for a maximum of like 15 minutes. It doesn’t matter that I look like. I don’t care what perfect strangers at a Walmart think of me.”

After we got back, we had something to eat, to gather strength to clean the house. Crystal put on her music, and I cleaned the kitchen, while Crystal started the laundry. Crystal also folded the pile of clothes, and did the vacuuming. So now the house is nice and clean. The only thing I didn’t do was dust. I think I need one of those swiffer dusting things. That would help out alot. Of course, while Crystal was vacuuming, the cat hid upstairs and actually napped up there. He’s afraid of the vacuum.

sholazar basin
After the house was cleaned, we settled down to try and get the Explorer Achievement in World of Warcraft. I had to catch up to Crystal so she tagged along and helped me explore some of the older content on Kalimdor. That took most of the afternoon, cause the area is so big, and we can use our flying mounts to travel, we could only use our ground mounts. So now I have all the old content, and the first expansion all explored. Right before supper, we started in on Northrend. More probably tomorrow.

Supper was very yummy tonight. We had Swordfish, and Steak. Once again, I ate way too much. I’m stuffed. I don’t know if I’ll be able to have my bowl of cereal tonight, because I had a couple scoops of ice cream, and the last eighth of the apple pie that I got last week for Pi day. We’ll see what I feel like in an hour or so. Right now? “Out look, not good.”

Tonight’s movie was Twilight. My review, was that it was too slow in moving the story along. Like one of Crystal’s co-workers said in a twitter, it needed either more killing (with some frigging fangs, and blood), or more sex. I’ll agree with the killing part, but I don’t think I could handle Robert Pattinson, all nekkid and gyrating all over whats her name that played Bella. I could see it now, Edward (not me!) all moving sexy like, and sweaty while Bella is all emo and angsty writing poetry on the back of the napkin, asking, while sighing alot if he was finished because there’s a goth nightclub she wanted to go to in downtown forks. Anyways, I give it a 3 out of 10 only because the baseball scene was pretty cool, that and their pitcher looked like she could kick someone in the head when she wound up to throw the ball.

So tomorrow, I plan on sleeping in, not getting dressed, drinking a pot of coffee, getting my explorer title, and possibly taking an afternoon nap. You know, usual Sunday activities.

the one where he dreams

So I have decided something. Its something big. I have made a deadline. I have 8 years to do this in. I have high hopes. But you know when you have a dream. And it has been a dream of mine. My plan (and it’s not even at the planning stages yet.) is for my 40th birthday, is to travel to London, England. I’d like to spend a month there. Mostly in the city. Maybe day trips to Ireland, and Paris. But mostly concentrating on London itself. I’ve always wanted to go there, ever since I can remember watching programmes from the BBC on tv. I remember, when I was little, watching Noddy on the CBC.
When I was in army cadets, I took a course during the summer for wilderness survival. There was a group of cadets from the UK there. The first thing I noticed was there accent, and their funny slang. They were the guys that were asking for fags. Ya see over in the UK, the slang for a cigarette is a fag. Heh, didn’t know that before I met them. They talked cool, and their dress uniforms were the actual uniforms, the British soldiers wore. It was very cool. I still have frond memories about my time with the Brits, those few summers.

When I got out of school, I was even in communication with some business’s in London to see if I could work there. (At the time, the UK was still running off Novell networks) I wanted to live there. I still would love to live there, infact one of my internet friends actually worked over in the UK for a couple of years. I followed her adventures with zeal. I have a few Brit bloggers on my feed reader, and I am careful not to skip over them.

Anyways, I’ve wanted to visit there for so long, it almost hurts. But its alot of money to go and stay there and be a tourist for a month. Which is why I’m going to try and give myself 8 years to plan it out and save. Hopefully I can save. We’ll see. I’ve never been on a true vacation with Crystal, and I hope this could be a good ‘first’ vacation. We learned when we flew to Calgary, we travel pretty well. So that’s a plus.

But we’ll see. I can’t promise anything. I can’t predict the future. But for right now, its something nice to think about.