Its a sad day today. I think the Neon made one of its last trips today. We had it towed to the inlaws house where it now sits. Its sad, it was a really good car, and my parents bought it for us. Mostly its my fault for not knowing more about cars, Maybe I could had it fixed earlier. I don’t know, but I think the next car, whatever it maybe I will treat it differently.

Like the Probe, I grew every attached to the Neon. Honestly, if I could afford it, I would buy a new one. However they are not making it anymore. Crystals father is looking at finding us a new car. Currently we are using Nanny’s truck untill then. Course if we spend this money on a new car, we are stuck in Pawtucket for at least another year.

We were gonna get Robins broker to look into getting us set up with a mortgage for this sweet little doublewide that I found in the paper, but like Robin says “One thing at a time.” So now we once again play the waiting game. Crystals dad wants to find one good car, instead of 2 cheap cars. While I agree in logic, I don’t think he has ever been in a one car household. Course one car is cheaper and easier to repair than two cars.

So today I cleaned most of the kitchen, and did some dishes, and am currently defrosting a steak for supper. I lwas cleaning the kitchen and noticed that I accidentaly unplugged the mini fridge unstead of the microwave (last week I burned something and there was smoke everywhere) so I had to toss 99% of everything in the fridge and freezer. But thankfully I saved the Coffee Crisp bars!


So yeah, just another shitty day in a shitty month. Hope the rest of the year gets better than this. Oh wait, it’ll start to get better ofter June 1st. My 30th birthday. Fuck, I’m getting old.