6am always comes so early. My alarm actually…

6am always comes so early. My alarm actually scared me this morning. Gonna be a long day. I'm technically not in until noon, but I have a car delivery this morning around 9am. From there, I'll leave for an hour or two, and then come back and finish my shift.

Good times.?

Went to Denny’s for dinner, and stumbled…

Went to Denny's for dinner, and stumbled across a classic car show.?

It’s officially summer time here. Mmm frozen…

It's officially summer time here. Mmm frozen lemonade.?

Fête du Canada!!

Fête du Canada!!

Happy Canada day, eh! Its a great day to be a hoser! Maybe later, I'll go down to the beer store and get a 2-4 of some imported Canadian beer, eh.

So in honour of Canada Day, I shall do my best to translate this into Canada's other official language, French. Thankfully, I have Google translate to help me.

Originally called Canada day was called Dominion Day, the holiday was renamed in 1982, the year the Canada Act was passed.

So today, I shall be posting pictures, and maybe facts about Canada. It will be a good day, you hosers.

Bonne fête du Canada, hein! C'est un grand jour pour être un hoser! Peut-être plus tard, je vais aller au magasin de bière et obtenir un 2-4 de la bière importée au Canada, hein.

Donc, en l'honneur de la fête du Canada, je ferai de mon mieux pour traduire en autre langue officielle du Canada, le français. Heureusement, je n'ai Google Translate pour m'aider.

Initialement appelé Fête du Canada a été appelé Fête du Dominion, la fête a été rebaptisé en 1982, l'année la Loi canadienne a été adoptée.

Donc, aujourd'hui, je posterai des photos, et peut-être faits sur le Canada. Ce sera une bonne journée, vous Hosers.?

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Here’s What Happens When Americans Try To Label The Country Of Canada

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I don’t really have too much to report….

I don't really have too much to report. I'm just laying on the couch, with the TV off, just relaxing next to Mal who's on the back of the couch. Chaucer is somewhere.?



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