Tossed and turned the last couple hours of "sleep".

Day off, but I have a mandatory meeting this morning.

Coffee coffee.


Welp, I’ve created a monster. Crystal is…

Welp, I've created a monster. Crystal is currently building a character in Skyrim. It's her favorite part. I expect at least 45 minutes for this part. #skyrim?



Wakey wakey.

Wakey wakey.

Day off. Tomorrow is a day off as well. But I had planned to stop in at work and do something for a customer.

Got an email last night. Mandatory meeting 9am. Woohoo!
Actually, that was pretty close to the time that I'd be getting in anyways.

But right now, relaxing on the couch with coffee.?

Had my first encounter with some one that…

Had my first encounter with some one that saw my Freemason pin I wear:

"Are you a Mason? What level?"

"Yep, I'm a Master Mason."

"Holy shit! I'm not crazy or anything, but I gotta ask you: do aliens exist???!"


"I can neither confirm nor deny the existence of aliens."


Twas a day. Short day. 11-5. Managed to…

Twas a day. Short day. 11-5. Managed to get out at around 6, after the cat I sold was delivered. I'm sleepy, so in on the couch with Crystal, and the TV is on for noise. Alarm is set. Working 8-5. With a delivery at 5 tomorrow. So, I should be out as soon as the deliver is done.

But for now, I have tea ??